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Vision Spinner 3s

Vision Spinner 3s

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  • Battery Capacity: 1600mah
  • Adjustable voltage range: 3.6-4.8V
  • Upgraded and stable PCB control head
  • More comfortable Top Twist Ring for adjusting voltage
  • Bottom with micro-USB port
  • Charging via USB Passthrough Cable
  • The button color indicates the state of charge
  • Short-circuit protection
  • High quality, Longer life span
  • Dimension: 137mm*17mm
  • Weight: 70g

The clique of vapers may have found pristine gusto of delight after Vision comes with the very sexy and quite well modified Spinner 3s. This little pocket-sized pen-shaped battery is one of the most marketable and fizz-holding tools for vapers, not only because of its fun size but also due to its congenial sense of employment.

Vision Spinner 3s

The new adjustable and refurbished built-in battery comes with an amazing and boosted quality of vape. Even the remarkable neatly agitated endurance of this ‘midget pen battery’ will definitely bring all the enthusiastic smokers great delight. 

The battery is crafted well with stainless steel and is endorsed with a preheating function that masterfully helps in precisely heating and softening the more compacted concentrates.  The upgraded system of 5W pre-heat button is another facilitating trait of this Spinner 3s.

Variable Voltage

The battery spinner is a perfect device with the technology of variable voltage that allows you to set output voltage according to your preference. This allows a flexible and relaxed vaping experience, especially for amateurs. 

The power range of Vision Spinner 3s is the same as the previous models, that is, 3.3-4.8 volts. It has 4 Power Level Output - 3.3V, 3.8V, 4.3V, 4.8V.

Long-Lasting Battery

This in-vogue pen-styled spinner 3s has a battery capacity as stunning as 1,600mAh, with upgraded and long-lasting battery capacity. The technology of operating a battery station is pretty much the simplest, with 5 clicks 'on or off operation. The utmost charging time range is any time near 1.5 hours with the help of a Type-C charging port. 

The lush and tempting pen-sized vaping vision spinner 3s is the brand new gadget, with an advanced model, that every vaper requires. With better voltage, style, and better functioning, this class spinner makes vaping more fun. 


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