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Triple Bowl Spoon Pipe

Triple Bowl Spoon Pipe

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What is better than one marijuana bowl? You guessed it, three glass bowls in one glamourous spoon pipe!  The exclusive Triple Bowl pipe is rarely seen, but if you're lucky enough to cop one, you'll have trouble putting it down! This fritted glass piece is the perfect pipe whether you're packing just 1 or all 3 bowls!  The stem gives you plenty of room between the 3rd bowl by utilizing a classic spoon pipe design. Crafted from high-quality heat-resistant glass, the triple bowl hand pipe proves that three is always better than one.

Triple Bowl Spoon Pipe

The technologies surrounding smoking have beautifully increased in the last couple of years. New devices with varied functioning, have genuinely made the already enthralling experience even more worth of time. 

Spoon pipes are, yet another, such smoking instrument that every concentrate lover is mad crazy about. With that, here is to add a cherry on the cake, there is also a gorgeous and handy spoon pipe with a literally triple bowl. This 3-poured spoon pipe is enough to give you a hell of an experience, though, surprisingly resembling heaven. 

Triple Bowl Pipe

Triple bowl spoon pipe works on the foundational functioning of a typical spoon pipe, already grooving in the market. Mainly used to smoke hears, these size-friendly savvy pipes contain three conventional pieces, namely, a small tube, the mouthpiece, and one good bowl head, with emphasis on ONE. There is also a carburetor on the side. 

Crafted with borosilicate glass, the Triple bowl pipe, in contrast to the vintage spoon pipe, has 3 bowl pipes. 

3 Bowls

The three bowls give smokers a widely increased (thrice, to be exactly technical) advantage of experience. One can fill all three of the bowls, to give yourself a hit never rolled before. Or you always are presented with an option to go with the little ol’ habits and just fill one of the bowls; therefore, this triple bowl spoon does not deprive you of choosing your capacity preference. 

Other than that, these spoon pipes are aesthetically pleasing and are still very much user-praising with their size and durability. 

Cheap Spoon Bowl

Even though the bowl amount has increased drastically, for everyone's pleasure, the amount of money you would be withdrawing from your pockets is overwhelmingly affordable. 

The price range of these spoons could be as low as 16 dollars to as high as 28 dollars, which is, well, not as high as you would think. 

What now? You get a spoon-shaped smoking pipe, with not one, or two, but three bowls, and that too at a pleasing and understandable price? That calls for a party, now! 


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