Ents-Plug Canna-Highlight   420 Edition!

Ents-Plug Canna-Highlight 420 Edition!

Ents-Plug Canna-Highlight 

420 Edition!

This month's highlight is awarded to Ms. Barbara Gammill

This Culinary Assassin almost gave her life for our country sustaining a traumatic brain injury while in the Air Force,  Barbara, still battles daily with the aftermath of service! One might say her contribution  to the Cannabis community was even more inevitable after a TBI brought her back to the state of Oklahoma with life-altering medical conditions, a list of meds, and the determination to live

The initial introduction to weed from her brother was due to insomnia but she quickly realized there was something about cannabis that needed to be shared! 

Like so many of us, cannabis has been a saving grace for mental health and pain that Barbara sometimes battled with. 

It's important to note Barbara was introduced to cannabis a bit later in life than most which gave her a unique opportunity to look at the plant with maturity and grace not always given. With a Vengeance for life and health The Baked Vet was Born! 

Since then Barbara's skills have BLOW TF UP I mean truly this woman has sharpened her skills to a T cooking hundreds of infused meals and creating countless new infused recipes while excelling at culinary school! 

The Baked Vets' list of culinary works of art is versatile enough to make anyone's taste buds dance with desire just picture yummy gummies, homemade infused twinkies, infused baklava homemade whatchamacallit to medicated Pot Roast and Fajitas! Damn, I'm hungry now. Barbara is a powerhouse!-

When asking Ms Barbar what message she would like to relay, it's clear and simple. Cannabis Can Save You!

Barbara's tenacity and studious attitude have quickly made her a Canna Enthusiast with overflowing insight and creativity to offer the cannabis community!  Did I mention you just might be able to watch this Culinary Queen on your flatscreen soon!!! ( keep your eyes open for more details).

The list goes on with this Cannabis Boss, Influencer, and Advocate! So cheers! From our 8th to yours Ms. Barbara Gramill over at twisted infusion and welcome to the Running for Ents-Plugs CannaBoss of the Year!! This has been your Ents-Plug Highlights for April!! 




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